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M. Förtsch, H. Dietrich, H. Zimmermann:
"Complete low-cost 625Mbit/s optical fiber receiver in 0.6Ám BiCMOS technology";
Talk: Optical Fibers: Applications, Warsaw, Poland; 08-31-2006 - 09-02-2006; in: "Proceedings of Spie, Optical Fibers: Applications", Volume 5952 (2006), ISBN: 0-8194-5959-3; 59520R-1 - 59520R-6.

English abstract:
We present an optical fiber receiver which includes a monolithically integrated PIN photodiode, a transimpedance amplifier, a decision circuit and a PECL compatible output driver. This low-cost and low-power receiver was fabricated in 0.6Ám BiCMOS technology. Only one minor process modification was necessary to implement the PIN photodiode with a diameter of 150Ám. A minimum number of external components is needed for interfacing with standard PECL gates. At a maximum possible data rate of 625Mbit/s, a sensitivity of -22.7dBm was measured at an optical wavelength of 660nm. At a single-supply voltage of 5V, the power consumption of the complete receiver is less than 74mW. The overall chip size is 1763Ám times 648Ám.

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