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F. Schlögl, H. Dietrich, H. Zimmermann:
"High-gain high-speed operational amplifier in digital 120nm CMOS";
Talk: IEEE International SOC Conference, Santa Clara, CA, USA; 09-12-2004 - 09-15-2004; in: "IEEE International SOC Confrence", (2004), ISBN: 0-7803-8445-8; 316 - 319.

English abstract:
A fully differential 6-stage 3-signal path operational amplifier in 0.12μm digital CMOS technology achieving a differential gain of 120dB at a supply voltage 1.2V is presented. This operational amplifier uses only regular threshold transistors. It uses 2 imput stages to assure a sufficient phase margin. The use of six common-mode controlers leads to a good common-mode behavior and to an AB output stage. A transit frequency of 866MHz and a phase margin of 36 at 1.2V supply with a load of 3.2pF have been measured.

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